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Camping in the Rainforest & Waking up in a Swamp

Khadimnagar National Park greets tourists with its absorbing lush green warmth just about five kilometers from the Sylhet-Jaflong Highway through the tea gardens. This evergreen rainforest is quite popular with trekkers. Ratargul is a freshwater swamp forest located in Gowainghat, Sylhet, formed by the spilling over of the Gowain river into a 200-hectare jungle basin shaded by innumerable evergreens. It is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh.

WALK Details

Day 0: Leave for Sylhet at night.

Day 1: CNG driver will pick you as soon as you reach Sylhet bus station. Have your breakfast at Panch Bhai near Jallar Par Road, Zindabazar while you are enroute to Khadimnagar National Park. As soon as you reach Khadimnagar forest office get ready for trekking, zip lining & cycling through the dense forest. Trekking, ziplining & cycling through the pristine, evergreen rainforest and tea garden in Khadimnagar National Park can be one of the most pleasant experiences in your life. Forest department will prepare your lunch by this time. The staffs of Khadimnagar National Park will arrange the tent, camping facilities, guard and raw foods from the nearby bazaar so that you can cook the dinner yourself. You may have special BBQ dinner, on request.

Day 2: After having breakfast, we suggest you go for the short 45-minute trail. Get fresh and hop in the CNG for Ratargul Chowrongi ghat. From there Salim Uddin will receive you and he'll fix a boat for you. Roam around Ratargul Swamp Forest and embrace the Amazonian vibe when you are inside the forest. Have your lunch at Ratargul, Chowrongi ghat. After this, get back to Sylhet town and roam around the city. You can pay a visit to the Mausoleum of Hazrat Shahjalal (R.). Have your dinner at Panch Bhai/Panshi restaurant. Otherwise, you can taste Biriyani at the Woondal restaurant. Get on the bus to Dhaka at night.


2 day - 1 night


2750 BDT

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