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Moonshine in Tranquility

When travelers enter the vast wetland of Tanguar Haor, they are bound to be taken over by the force of nature. The green of the grasslands around is hard to leave out as one of the prominent colors of haor life, and so is the clear blue-green water of the haor. Tanguar Haor is ecologically critical nationally, internationally, and appropriately declared as a RAMSAR site in 2000.

WALK Details

Day 0

Start for Sunamganj at night.

Day 1

We will help you to get the local transport (CNG or Leguna) to Tahirpur. After reaching Tahirpur, you'll find the reserved trawler. It will be the final transportation in your Sunamganj days. Tahirpur is the nearest place of Tanguar Haor. From Tahirpur it will take one and half hour to reach Tanguar Haor. Have your lunch in the village. Buy snacks & foods for two days. Visit the nearby places at afternoon and enjoy the tranquility of Tanguar and your dinner will be prepared by this time.

Day 2

You'll visit most of the places by the second day. The trawler will leave you at Tahirpur and the local transports will drive you upto Sunamganj. You'll get on the bus to Dhaka at night.


2 day - 3 night


2700 BDT

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