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Day Outing at a Luxury Resort Nearby Dhaka

Nokkhottrobari is an introvert concept designed by Tauquir Ahmed – Architect, Actor and Filmmaker, and his wife Bipasha Hayat – Actor, Playwright and Painter. This project is their vision to serve people with a place of relaxation and a fun place for all the members of the family. Nokkhottrobari is one of the luxurious resorts with its 32 various types of rooms in Rajendrapur, 41.5 km away from International Airport, Dhaka. The resort is basically divided into two parts., one is Hotel Complex & another is Water Bungalow. There is also a conference hall and its capacity is 150 people. It's a "Full Service Resort" with all amenities one could look for.

WALK Details

This Day Outing Package includes:
Breakfast/Morning Snakes (Set menu)
Lunch (Set menu)
Evening Snakes (Set menu)
Outdoor Gaming (Boating, Swimming Pool)
Open field for day time gaming
Room for refreshment (1 room for every 10 persons)

Day Outing Package Pricing:

BDT 1900 (Bengali Menu) Per Head
BDT 2100 (Indian Menu) Per Head
BDT 2400 (Chinese Menu) Per Head

Breakfast/Morning Snacks: In the morning you will have breakfast Breakfast ( 2 pcs Parata, 1 pc Egg, Vegetables, Daal, Hodgepodge, Halua, Alum Dam, Tea, Mineral Water) or Morning Snacks ( 1 pc Sandwich, 1 pc Apple, 1 pc Banana, Tea, Mineral Water)

Lunch: In the lunch, you will be provided food from three different choices depending upon your reservation category.
Chinese Menu has Mixed Fried Rice, Chicken Fry, Chicken Chilly Onion, Chinese Vegetables, Desert, Mineral Water.
Indian Menu has Polao, Chicken Roast, Beef/Mutton Rezala, Chinese Vegetables, Mixed Salad, Dessert, Soft Drink and Mineral Water.
Bengali Menu includes Rice, Vegetables, Daal, Vorta(Any One), Fish, Chicken, Salad, Desert, Mineral Water.

Evening Snacks: Their Evening Snacks includes Vapa pitha (1pc), Chitoi Pitha (1pc), Tea, Mineral Water in the Winter Season. In regular time they offer 2 pcs Plain Cake, 2 pcs Samosa, Tea and Mineral Water.


7.00 hour


1900 BDT

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